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Philanthropic Birthday Parties Taking Hold Among 20s New Yorkers
The Important Fight for NYC’s Heart and Soul
I Unrequited <3 NY
Mets Fans Make Great Employees

  • Who says New York’s 20-Somethings Are Ego-Obsessed? Who says New York’s 20-Somethings Are Ego-Obsessed? Philanthropic Birthday Parties Taking Hold Among 20s New Yorkers
  • Cronuts- A Midwest Sham Cronuts- A Midwest Sham A Much Needed Rant By James McElroy
  • Free Kate Reinforces Hate Free Kate Reinforces Hate A Cynical New Yorker’s Take on the Campaign to Acquit Florida’s Alleged Statutory Rapist Kaitlyn Hunt
  • I Unrequited &lt;3 NY I Unrequited <3 NY By Marie Gause

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Chain Restaurants and their Discontents

In the Important Fight for New York City’s Heart and Soul, Activists Should Get Out of Their Left-Leaning Comfort Zones

May 28th 2013

7-Eleven’s planned expansion on Tenth and A in the heart of Alphabet City is the latest atrocity in the destructive, soul-crushing force that is gentrification, a force that has priced local residents out of their communities and transformed classic New York neighborhoods into a blob of suburban strip mall nothingness....Read More


Raise the Smoking Age: Blair Waldorf, Marlboro Man

Raising the Smoking Age will Increase Class Disparity

May 8th, 2013

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn recently proposed that City Hall should raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes in New York City from 18 to 21. Judging by the fact that she hopes this will actually prevent underage smoking, especially among New York’s low-income youth, she clearly did not grow up in New York.....Read More


Mets Fans Make Great Employees

How Losing at the Ballpark Translates to Winning in the Job Market for Mets Fans

May 10th 2013

New York Mets may not have twenty-seven World Series titles under their belt, a legendary knuckle-ball pitcher, or the respect of the MLB community, but they do have something going for them- hirable fans. ....Read More


Spring Into Public Art

Caption: El Anatsui Broken Bridge II

April 23rd, 2013

As the weather continues to warm up this season, here are the top picks of Erin K. Hylton, creator of the New York City art blog, Artedgenyc. . ...Read More


Just Graduate Already

College Senior's Angry Rant Againt 3 Awful Senior Archetypes

May 1st 2013

Being a senior in college means to have one arm in the sunshine of complete and utter irresponsibility and the other in the dark void that is the “real world.” This divide is manifested in several weird ways all of which involve some sort of resistance to the “9 to 5” world. ...Read More


In Defense of the Soda Ban

Someone’s Got To Stick Up For It

March 21st 2013

Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large sugary drinks was done in an effort to curb growing obesity rates in New York City. Clearly, a major cause of obesity is sugary drinks in containers larger then sixteen ounces. Who really needs to drink that much soda - thirsty people? ...Read More


New York City at the Metropolitan’s New American Wing

March 21st 2013

After a highly anticipated four-year renovation, the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is finally redesigned and reopened to the public. ...Read More


The Hollywood-China Love Affair Doomed to Flop

An Article about Hollywood and China that Does Not Use The Word “Kowtow”

March 22nd 2013

The biggest puzzlement in international relations these days is surprisingly not John Kerry, but the growing collaboration between Hollywood and the Chinese government. Will either of them actually achieve their respective goals of super sized profit and soft power? ...Read More


A Summer 2013 By Vampire Weekend

Latest' Album to be Soundtrack of Summer

March 22nd 2013

Consider this as you throw back your Car Bomb on this St. Patrick’s Day: Are the Irish White? Sure, most Irish sunburn if they are under a lamp for too long and half of them have “White” as a last name, but does #whitepeopleproblem really apply to them? ...Read More


Are the Irish White?

Have a Better Bar Conversation this St. Patrick’s Day

March 16th 2013

Consider this as you throw back your Car Bomb on this St. Patrick’s Day: Are the Irish White? Sure, most Irish sunburn if they are under a lamp for too long and half of them have “White” as a last name, but does #whitepeopleproblem really apply to them? ...Read More


Where Will Michelle Pop Up Next?


February 17th 2013

Ever since the Obama's won their reelection campaign Michelle has been pretty bored, even her "fight obesity; bully a fat kid" campaign is over. So how is she spending her time? Well by randomly showing up at the end of things. It doesn't matter that she has nothing to do with the movie industry, she showed up at the end of the Oscars. Here are some other places she decided to show up ...Read More


Calling on All Fashionistas and History Dorks

NYFW was DRIPPING with Historical Irony

February 17th 2013

If you’re a history major and not having a conniption fit at the irony of KKK, Galliano and other fun friends at the MERCEDES BENZ Fashion Week, allow me to start a hypothetical recap...Read More


I Hate The Sixties

A Manifesto

February 16th, 2013

At the risk of being sent to a reeducation camp in Maine by the “Peace and Love Gestapo, ” I am going to admit pronounce one of the least respected opinions one can have: the Sixties suck. ...Read More


End the New York City Fitness Sales Tax


February 13th 2013

Can you believe a trend takes longer to go from here to City Hall than it does to go all the way to Missouri? Last month Missouri law makers petitioned to exempt fitness and yoga services from their state’s entertainment sales tax, arguing that both are necessary to a healthy lifestyle. Although yoga taxation battles are so been-there- done that for us, a re-examination on own 1971 fitness tax is not. Perhaps its time for City legislatures to get to the gym....Read More


Stronghold of the Bros


January 28, 2013

The art of bro-ing out has evolved over the decades, but its most current incarnation typically involves drinking malt liquor, discussing bowel movements, and playing videogames from the early nineties. ...Read More


America's Highbrow Moment

Brooklyn Brewery and the Ascendancy of American Culture

January 17, 2013

If our leaders are having a European moment, our beer scene is enjoying a European renaissance. Leading the pack is Brooklyn Brewery, which recently announced a $5 million plan to smartly expand in Stockholm, Sweden. ...Read More


How to Survive Your Year of Unemployment

Tips on Funemployment for Those About to Graduate

January 7th, 2012

Despite what you may think, a year or two living with your parents with no steady income and no characteristics of adulthood other than being over 18 can afford just as many opportunities for resume building as the rest of them. ...Read More



The Bizarre Elitism of Anti-Politics Facebook Posters

November 6th, 2012 10:06PM


Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of campaign season social media is not the change from Facebook “likes” of a Victoria’s Secret Sale to actual concern for our country, but apathetic responses to politics. These include the “STOP THE POLITICAL POSTS PLEASE”, the countless I-am-so-clever memes, and my all time favorite, “{insert political comment here}.” ....Read More



The Masculine Mystique

Why “Having It All” Should Include Acceptance of Reverse Gender Discrimination

August 27, 2012 11:00PM


Well ladies, we must have made it if were the subject of a lawsuit- particularly an antidiscrimination one. The recent allegations against Janet Napolitano and the ICE staff of discriminating against men in both appointment of professionals and in conduct is shocking both for the alleged acts themselves, but also for the suggestion that women are capable of gender discrimination ....Read More



From South Beach to Squalor

The Legend of Jimbo's Place, Miami

August 27, 2012 11:00PM

 In a town that got its resurgence from hosting a trashy MTV show named after a different state, a town filled of the corporate assurances of T.G.I. Friday’s, Jimbo’s offered a unique experience and glimpse of an authentic Miami.....Read More



Death of the Artist Exposed

November 11th, 2012


All decent New Yorkers know and love Black Cherokee. They love this classic New York character partly because of his comfort with being in his birthday suit along New York’s most disgusting roadway and partly because of the strange mystery that surrounds him. Who is he? What do his hand-painted signs mean? Why is he standing half-naked balancing a watermelon on his head? Inevitably, the New York Times just had to ruin this mystery for all of us. .....Read More



The New Yorkifying of Chinese Street Food

The Search for the Next Big Thing

August 27, 2012 11:00PM


Baohaus, the authentic Taiwanese/Chinese place on 14th street- the latest installment of a tried and true New York business model: take a common Asian streetfood and reintroduce it as the next best thing.....Read More



Don't Blame the Radio, Blame the Fans

A Look At Two Indie Artists and the Question, Why is Top 40 SO Bad

October 7, 2012 11:00PM


Very few things unite American populace in a collective unbridled rage. Top Forty radio is one of these things. ....Read More


Gehry Does New York. Or Did He?

A Rant About “New York by Gehry” Building in Lower Manhattan

October 7th, 2012

“New York by Gehry” really is a good name for the building. It’s not really much about New York at all. It’s about Frank Gehry’s usual fantasies and making things work around them.